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Types of Eyelash Extensions

Semi permanent eyelash extensions are a single artificial eyelash that is applied to a single natural eyelash hair one at a time. When applied correctly and using proper technique along with the correct lashes, individual eyelash extensions do not harm natural lashes.
Once applied correctly the lash extensions will then grow, rest and shed along with the natural eyelashes. There are different types of individual eyelash extensions.

Classic lashes

Individual eyelash extensions are applied to 1 natural eyelash 1 at a time creating a natural finish. Lashes can grow individually and shed individually. Clients can have the lashes refilled indefinitely, providing the lashes have been applied correctly and the client cleanses and looks after their extensions.

Express lashes

Individual lashes are applied to lashes. There is no isolation. The eyelash extensions is placed on top of the natural lashes. This is a short-term lash style. Lashes should not be left on for long periods of time and should be removed within a week. The reason the lashes need to be removed is to let the natural lash grow and shed correctly. You cannot do a refill on this style of lashes.

Russian volume/3d-8d lashes

Multiple fine lashes are applied to one natural lash creating a very fluffy layered look. This set can be refilled.

Mega volume lashes

Extreme multiple lashes are applied to one natural lash. Very similar to two Russian fans sticking either side by side or on top of each other creating a flower fan. This technique can create a very thick lash finish similar to strip lashes. This set can be refilled.

Bottom lash extensions

Very fine natural lashes are applied individually to your clients’ natural bottom lashes. Usually a sensitive glue is used to apply these lashes.

Classic Lashes
Volume Lashes
Mega Volume Lashes