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About super lash boutique

As of 2020 Super Lash Boutique has been operating for over 10 years. It was founded by Jo Blake.

10 years ago Jo was running her own fashion label selling clothes all over the world including Topshop and ASOS. Her sister 1st had eyelash extensions and introduced her to the fascinating world of eyelash extensions. Jo then went on to have a treatment and was so fascinated by it that she went on and trained to become a lash artist herself. She fell in love with lashes and decided after years in the fashion industry to change careers. Jo swapped sketching and making clothes for the world of beauty.
Jo started working from home in her living room then moved into 2 different beauty rooms running her business and building her clientele.

Jo always knew that the secret to build a strong following was to always do the best treatment each and every time. After a few years into doing lashes Jo had so many clients she could no longer manage all of them on her own. She started to hire Lash Technicians and train them to become experts in the field. In 2015 Jo signed the lease on her 1st shop and opened Super Lash Boutique.

Jo has seen plenty of unprofessional work and heard loads of horrified stories and experienced going on courses that did not provide information for the students. Jo always wanted to train people to do the treatment. With over 10 years in the business, Jo knew the next step was to teach all she had learnt along the way. The course was created to be affordable without leaving any information out. There are a lot of details in the manual and enough to help you build your own clientele.

Been an Eyelash Technician can bring you an extra added income or a main income. As long as you are fully trained and use the information correctly you will be an amazing Lash Technician and will also benefit financially.

We look forward to seeing you soon for training and to start your new career in beauty and lashes contact us if you would like more information about the course.