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Once you have completed the course you MUST start practicing straight away. The course has all the information you need but if you do not practice it does take longer. Some people are ready to start accepting clients within a month and others 2/3 months.

If you are coming to the venue the course is a 1 day course. If you decide to opt to do the online course this is done at your own time.

There is not an official exam. Within the course there are a few questions you must complete. The questions are a summary of the course manual and will let you know how much you have learnt.

You do not need to purchase our kit if you already have one. Please make sure you have all the important pieces within your kit so that you can do the training with ease and properly.

This all depends on your area and how quick you are. A Full set of classic lashes varies from £80-£150. Remember clients need refills they will be back in a few weeks. The course will teach you how to maintain clients so they come back again and again.

The process of applying lashes does not hurt and should be a relaxing treatment. Many clients fall asleep and wake up once the treatment is done. On the course you will be trained how to apply the lashes correctly. Extensions do not damage your clients lashes as long as they are applied correctly.

Yes, this course is fully accredited. Once you receive your certificate you will be able to purchase your insurance and start booking clients.

Yes, you will be required to bring your model. Your model must arrive at the allocated time slot in the afternoon. Please tell your model to arrive without wearing any mascara.